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To ensure the success of Lights Out! Wilmington, we are looking for volunteers 18 or older to become Glass Strike Monitors and Building Representatives. No experience is necessary. The only prerequisite is a desire to help put an end to needless bird deaths.

Glass Strike Monitors (GSM) will look for evidence of bird strikes during peak periods of the spring and fall migration. Volunteer for a specific building or block in downtown Wilmington and help gather valuable data about bird mortality by walking the perimeter of your selected area at dawn and recording, photographing and collecting evidence of glass-impacted birds. Especially important will be the morning following ideal migration conditions, normally a time following a cold front in the fall or when a southern weather system moves northward in the spring. All GSMs will be placed on a “Hot List” for electronic notification when conditions are predicted to be favorable for bird migration.

Building Representatives help coordinate and facilitate compliance with the building management and Lights Out! Wilmington.

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Be a part of Lights Out! Wilmington.
Sign up your building, office or apartment and make a difference in the life of migratory birds and the environment.